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What is nutrition?

As molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics advance, nutrition has become more focused on the steps of biochemical sequences through which substances inside us and other living organisms are transformed from one form to another - metabolism and metabolic pathways.

Nutrition also focuses on how diseases, conditions and problems can be prevented or lessened with a healthy diet.

In addition, nutrition involves identifying how certain diseases, conditions or problems may be caused by dietary factors, such as poor diet (malnutrition), food allergies, metabolic diseases, etc.1A very valuable tool available to us as health care professionals that allows us to plot a health to physical ratio is the BMI.
The body mass index ratio serves as a good guideline for each person because it is based on a calculation of your personal values as opposed to the traits of Husein Bolt. Essentially  your mass in Kilograms divided by your height in meters squared to give you a unit of measurement which allows us health professionals to plot a standard of your weight as being over or under the expected ratio value. 
I shall attach a link to further help you understand this process.
However sometimes having to calculate an integer may not really be a necessity because if you simply stand in front of a mirror and the person looking back at is some kind of Shrek, then having to do a calculation to determine the obvious simply is not a requirement. bmi-comparison

Diet plays a crucial role in the weight management district but this is something you already know,right? But it is a difficult obstacle to overcome because a lot of the time all the elements that add pounds to your mound are all the things we all love to eat. Fair enough life is only lived once but how you live it is a matter on its own altogether. When your famished and are able to devour plate after plate of scrumptious treats your left in a state of hyperglycemic bliss, or is it really bliss. Left feeling lethargic and slow we all know that the treats we eat are bring us to all new low. Ask any gym junkie and they will surely verify that the difficult part of leading a healthy lifestyle is not the training but but rather the knowledge of having to retreat when everyone else is indulging in those delectable delights. Such is life that all the pretty things are usually the disastrous parts that we should strive hard to avoid. 
What to eat is another aspect we need to approach with caution because culture plays an important role in the choices we make dietary wise. Those oily sizzling Indian foods that leave you smiling for seconds but busting weeks at the gym to fortify justice to the damage you incurred.

Healthy Eating Tips for a Well-balanced, Nutritious Dietlaugh


When it comes to weight management alot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Not everyone is alike, this is something I will continue to reiterate, so even though there is tons of literature available for us all around on the net and in books, what works for the sexy models on the pages of all these present ions does not mean it will work for you. You will have to absorb the information and direct it in a way that is tailored for you individually. Other than the information you have to also consider cultural differences because based on your culture your diet is most likely to be influenced by the things you eat and are familiar eating.

Disease states have a substantial influence on your weight and having a symptom like hypothyroidism or diabetes etc. will mean that even though you may not be eating the wrong things the negative side effects of weight gain will still follow you.
Once you have ruled out a disease state as an obstacle you have to consider the medications that regularly take.

Weight discussion France is a lovely place but when I visited it and leased with some of the people there it was evident that the most common prescribed medication was indeed antidepressants. One of the most routine side effects of such medications is weight gain but here we have conflicting mechanisms as to the reason for this weight gain because there is no known mechanism that can be isolated to say that it is the medication itself, but the truth of the matter is that those on these have a tendency to be happy enough to want to eat more , whilst others are adamant that their intake of food is not influenced by them having to take such medications. So we are left in a bit of a catch about the mechanism but at the conclusion we are aware that the net gain is somewhat of a positive gain in the weight department. Other medications include  certain contraceptives which can also have an impact on the fat distribution within the body, making the right choices with regards to the ideal contraceptive will be outlined in later discussions.
Your health status thus has an impact on the weight of an individual.

When it comes to supplementation there's like a gazillion options out there that claim they can do the miracle of weight loss but you have to ask yourself that if this was even remotely the only influential option we had wouldn't you have seen people like Oprah screaming it out to you on their shows.
There are a few out there that can somewhat assist if we consider things. For instance if you know you have an eating disorder where you love food like there is no tomorrow then you could take an appetite suppressant and that would curb the desire to want to eat.  These come with their own set of side effects and have new key locks for other complications but they do work, that is evident in the patients that I cater to. I will further discuss one of the most common medications on a later instance. There are extracts of a herbal origin like Hoodia which can suppress the appetite of a patient but this is an aspect we will concentrate on soon enough.

Then we have those that have a detoxing effect and can a flushing of the system to promote health, here too you have to be considerate of the input output function and eat healthy whilst following these regimens. Some have the potential to increase metabolism which may not be a great case for hypertensives because they can radically increase blood pressure and have devastating side effects that can leave a patient dead but looking very slim at their funeral, it's a matter of how you want to look at it.
They state that they have herbal ingredients in them and a lot of patients think that herbal means no side effects but this is an incorrect perception because in reality these herbal products are isolates of a plant product making their origin herbal but the end product one of a manipulated and transformed isolate that can be very complicating for the patient.

Thermogenic ingredients
Are similar to this and they too have another bag of complications including irreversible kidney damage hence the common advice on every bottle to drink large volumes of water.
The active ingredients in these supplements range from caffeine, gurana , green tea extract , garcinia cambogia and ephedrine.

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The elusive six pack 
A much anticipated topic for many readers, is one of the most sought after traits to portray elite fitness. All the magazine covers and pictures of air brushed celebrities push the general public to strive harder to attain this feat. Sportsmen and women the world over flaunt this physique that to the average individual, you and me, seems a never ending struggle towards the impossible.

Being there in the early years of our teens, some of us, we were able to impress others with our ability to have this model appearance but when the reality of life settles in and all the playground days seize to exist and your stuck in a cubicle, driving to and from home, sitting on the couch munching away the crisps and enjoying the luxuries of this world, the once healthy individual fades weakly into the cloud of smoke left behind by the requirement to just survive.
We simply don’t have the time to exercise anymore and if we do, we over compensate for the irrelevant effort we put in 30 minutes ago. Busting your mind away at the gym crunching on the floor or the machine, even sadder, the fat pillow of love floating over your abdominals dances and sways like a ship on the rough sea. Harder and harder this smouldering boulder of lard pushes and heaves dreamily thinking they’ll wake up and poof, like magic have the body they saw in the magazine whilst having a plate of chips and steak with a drink of milkshake.

OK, I am not picking on the lard people here because some people genuinely have a health issue, but those people aside, the rest of you need to seriously educate yourself before you sweat slide your way all across the gym floor. Knowledge is power, heard this in a movie, true to life if you have no idea what you’re doing your probably doing  it wrong or worse still you’re going to hurt yourself and deter future attempts.

After all the jargon introduction the education part will soon follow showing the anatomy and then the possible exercises that could help towards your journey of being the air brushed, but genuine , dream individual you want to see in the mirror.



Start here:

Abs are manufactured in the kitchen with 90% of the effort coming from diet you follow and the other 10% coming from the effort you make in the gym. You may already have the abs you want but no one is going to see them if you have a layer of fat covering them.

The abdominal muscle in essence is a muscle and similar to muscles they have a purpose to fulfill, when you work on them and strain them, significantly, these muscles will grow and become stronger. It is during the rest phase after a workout that muscles grow so allowing them the correct duration of recovery is vital for your success. Using more weight in your exercises will produce larger muscles whilst less weight with higher frequency will strengthen and produce increased core stability, the choice boils down to individual preference.

  • The question we have to ask at some point is whether or not it is worth all the effort to be dialing up to doing 100 crunches or should we be training the abs like we would other muscles with a repetition of 8-12. Doing 30 seconds of slow but quality set of crunches will more than substantiate for the sweat you put into your workout.  

The abdominal muscles are probably the smartest set of tissue you have because unless you modify the training regimen they can become very adaptive to repetitive training styles.

The abdominal s are stability muscles and will efficiently try to prevent you toppling over like a deck of cards. Baring this in mind exercises like dead lifting and squats can put remarkable strain on them to work like beasts to keep you landed feet first.

  • Exercises such as the plank and the Russian twist, all and more to be discussed soon, will leave your abs burning for the moment, but have you walking strong and upright like a boxer after a victory fight. 0905-poster-side-plank


There are four major muscles in the abdominal region. The secret to effective abdominal training is to strengthen all of the muscles in that region.

The external oblique and the internal oblique are the abdominal muscles that contour and shape your waistline. Their primary function is to rotate the spine. The external oblique is the outermost abdominal muscle. It is a broad, thin muscle that originates at the borders of the lower ribs. Its fibers run downward and inward in a V pattern. Running underneath the external oblique is the internal oblique. Its fibers start at the hips and run upward and inward in an inverted V pattern to meet the lower ribs. Together, the oblique muscles function like the corsets that women wore a century ago. These days, you can create your own perfectly defined waistline with a corset of strong, firm oblique muscles. These muscles work hardest in exercises that require you to turn your upper body during movement.





Next to six-pack abs, the one muscle group that almost every man and woman wants the most ,is arms. So, instead of boring you with a ton of arm-training physiology and long words like capillarization and coracobrachialis (yawn), and instead of giving you a single arm routine (gets old too fast), I'm going to skip the science and theory and go straight to the good stuff!1
Picture the scene: its a warm sunny day and the beach breeze slips through your apparel cooling your skin and seeking the warm kiss if the sun. As you stand there staring into the oceanic horizon in front of you, the surfers capitalize on the amazing succession of waves, a little boy jumps in front of you trying to catch a frizz bee thrown by his smiling mom. you settle in a cozy spot on the sand and roll out your towel seating yourself comfortably on the sun swept shore. your left with 2 options; drop that gear and expose those hard worked muscles to the sensitive warmth of the sun or soak it up through your flattery fit clothing. We all want option A. Showing of those well defined GUNS, a symbol of strength and effort, your physical representation of the person you are. Hello world, this is me. I ain't the couch potato you are, im a well defined, cut , healthy individual and i'm here to show you what i have.Why?.........
Because i can!



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  The Effects of Smoking on the Body

  Tobacco smoke is enormously harmful to your health. There’s no safe way to smoke. Replacing your cigarette with a cigar, pipe, or hookah won’t   help you avoid the health risks associated with tobacco products.

  Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients. When they burn, they generate more than 7,000 chemicals, according to the American Lung      Association. Many of those chemicals are poisonous and at least 69 of them can cause cancer. Many of the same ingredients are found in cigars  and in tobacco used in pipes and hookahs. According to the National Cancer Institute, cigars have a higher level of carcinogens, toxins, and tar  than cigarettes.

 When using a hookah pipe, you’re likely to inhale more smoke than you would from a cigarette. Hookah smoke has many toxic compounds and exposes you to more carbon monoxide than cigarettes do. Hookahs also produce more secondhand smoke.

In the United States, the mortality rate for smokers is three times that of people who never smoked, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s one of the leading causes of preventable death4


Helen Grange

Go somewhere trendy, and you’ll doubtless see a “vaper” clutching a device that looks like a boxy cigarette lighter with a short steel pipe, or a more elegant e-cigarette and blowing out plumes of smoke.

A vape (short for vaporiser) is an electronic atomisation “cigarette”, and although they’ve been in South Africa for years, they are gaining popularity, with vaping shops spawning everywhere and vaping gathering an almost cult-like following.

So if your A smoker attempting to let go of this habit of smoking we suggest yuo Vape your way through it as it is the most oppurtune way to get through the habit.
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